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 SKUProductWholesale Price (Best Price in Singapore) 
 02853M Long Fast cable for Iphone1.82 
 02833M Long Fast cable for Micro1.82 
 02843M Long Fast cable for Type C1.82 
 03216A Supe Fast Charging Cable Iphone1.89 
 03196A Charging Cable Micro1.89 
 03206A Charging Cable Type C1.89 
 0451Abodos 1M Cable for iPHONE (AS-DS33I)0.99 
 0449Abodos 1M Cable for Micro (AS-DS33M)0.76 
 0450Abodos 1M Cable for Type C (AS-DS33C)0.84 
 0448Abodos 30 CM Short Cable iPHONE (AS-DS32I)0.87 
 0446Abodos 30 CM Short Cable Micro (AS-DS32M)0.69 
 0447Abodos 30 CM Short Cable Type C (AS-DS32C)0.76 
 0460Abodos AS-CS31 Charging Head2.16 
 0459Abodos AS-WS92 Bluetooth Headset2.23 
 0453Abodos Big Blutooth Headphone AS-WH138.64 
 0456Abodos MAGNET HOLDER AS-TS621.89 
 0457Abodos Plug-in earphone AS-ES5151.68 
 0452Abodos Speaker BS-0810.36 
 0455Abodos Sport Blutooth AS-WH084.76 
 0454Abodos Sport Blutooth AS-WH128.50 
 0264AKG Earphone1.82 
 0328Anycast M912.72 
 0291Aux Cable Laminated NO Brand0.85 
 0435Awei 3 in 1 Charging Cable CL9711.82 
 0387Awei A810BL10.36 
 0379Awei Bluetooth N18.64 
 0384Awei Bluetooth N58.64 
 0458Awei Earbud T1218.24 
 0341Awei Earbud T1313.24 
 0369Awei Earbud T1520.14 
 0342Awei Earbud T1620.14 
 0343Awei Earbud T2020.42 
 0370Awei Earbud T2619.56 
 0400Awei Earbud T3610.94 
 0344Awei Earbud T5523.01 
 0434Awei Earphone ES970i5.54 
 0382Awei Earphone PC12.83 
 0383Awei Earphone PC23.09 
 0433Awei Earphone PC71.82 
 0401Awei Earphone Z110.94 
 0492Awei G10BL8.86 
 0436Awei Headphone GM58.03 
 0355Awei Powerbank 10k8.64 
 0356Awei Powerbank 10k with Cable12.72 
 0357Awei Powerbank 20k17.69 
 0358Awei Powerbank 20k with cable26.52 
 0359Awei Powerbank 30k26.52 
 0360Awei Powerbank 30k with cable0.30 
 0386Awei Sports A620BL7.49 
 0415Awei Sports Bluetooth A889BL17.69 
 0385Awei Sports G30BL16.11 
 0476Awei T23 Earbud16.11 
 0418Awei T28P Earbud19.62 
 0371Awei TC12.23 
 0494Awei Watch H1519.62 
 0363Big Headphone Top Gate with Mic6.62 
 0289Bike Holder Old Model NO Brand3.34 
 0299Bluetooth S1094.90 
 0445Bluetooth Speaker S609 with Light Effect13.82 
 0361Boombass Mini L241.68 
 0290Car Charger 6A High Speed1.96 
 0288Car Holder Old Model NO Brand3.61 
 0417Car MP3 C157.48 
 0300Computer Headphone with mic TCQ47.78 
 0297Computer Mouse Wireless5.27 
 0296Computer Mouse with cord3.61 
 0298Computer Mouse with Keyboard10.95 
 0303Direct Earphone Iphone White Box2.60 
 0302Direct Earphone Type C White Box2.60 
 0440Earbud  A6R5.82 
 0438Earbud E308.58 
 0439Earbud G7S8.58 
 0477Earbud V996.91 
 0479Earbud Y605.61 
 0478Earbud Y706.48 
 0480Earbud Y806.19 
 0314Electric Extension Cord9.96 
 0368emmergency Light 76776.37 
 0367Emmergency Light 788E13.24 
 0381Game Controler Glouves0.56 
 0295Hair Clipper 900013.24 
 0294Hair Clipper HC00110.65 
 0422Hair Clipper Vintage T98.58 
 0279HDMI Cable7.49 
 0467Hoco C1 Three in one Car charger5.82 
 0465Hoco C90B Grandiose dual port charger(UK)3.20 
 0468Hoco CA104 vertical and horizontal gravity holder4.72 
 0471Hoco E54 Mia mini wireless headset6.10 
 0472Hoco E63 Diamond business BT headset4.58 
 0475Hoco EW19 True wireless BT headset11.34 
 0474Hoco EW24 True wireless stereo headset9.96 
 0469Hoco HC12 Sports BT speaker14.10 
 0470Hoco HC2 Xpress sports BT speaker12.03 
 0463Hoco J72 Easy travel power bank(10000mAh)1.68 
 0473Hoco M97 Enjoy universal earphones with mic1.27 
 0464Hoco NK4 Sharp dual port charger(UK)2.23 
 0461Hoco UPA16 AUX audio cable(L=2M)1.82 
 0466Hoco Z40 Superior dual port car charger3.06 
 0437ID Card Holder1.27 
 0278Iphone Cable 3.6A2.30 
 0277Iphone Cable Faxcom White1.27 
 0276Iphone Cable I5 (Laminated)2.30 
 0366Iphone Charging Cable with Light2.03 
 0310Iphone Connector Convertor2.03 
 0267Iphone Earphone 3.5mm White Box1.27 
 0263J5 Earphone0.93 
 0462J91 power bank (10000mAh) Hoco6.10 
 0306Kemei 2504 Hair Clipper5.54 
 0353Lazer Light2.78 
 0262M3 Earphone5.19 
 0317Magnetic Charging Cable All in One3.75 
 0333Massage Gun16.97 
 0272Micro Cable 3.6A2.23 
 0270Micro Cable V8 (Laminated)0.96 
 0271Micro Cable White1.27 
 0364Micro Charging Cable with Light2.03 
 0423Mobile Car Holder Double Stand4.58 
 0286Mobile Holder Clip Model1.13 
 0287Mobile Holder Screw Model1.40 
 0442Mobile Holder View Glass Hanging3.20 
 0336Mobile Magnifier Screen5.65 
 0318Mobile Ring0.85 
 0380Mobile Ring with Lighter5.34 
 0414Mobile Stand with Plating1.96 
 0337Multi 3 in 1 pin socket adaptor3.34 
 0315OTG Micro1.17 
 0316OTG Type C1.17 
 0334Portable Fruit Mixer Rechargable8.35 
 0489REALME C30215.58 
 0490REALME C31252.84 
 0412Remax Adaptor 4 Point RP-U436.05 
 0410Remax Aux Cable L100 1M1.74 
 0411Remax Aux Cable L200 2M1.89 
 0258Remax Bluetooth T98.77 
 0413Remax Car Charger RCC2083.89 
 0349Remax Charger U376.47 
 0426Remax Charging Pin Converter Iphone2.09 
 0425Remax Charging Pin Converter Type C2.09 
 0419Remax Direct Type C Earphone 2083.20 
 0431Remax Earbud 10i12.72 
 0404Remax Earbud PD-BT90013.24 
 0405Remax Earbud RB-S3324.16 
 0372Remax Earbud TWS1513.24 
 0373Remax Earbud TWS1616.14 
 0403Remax Earbud TWS1811.52 
 0430Remax Earbud TWS3512.72 
 0429Remax Earbud TWS419.96 
 0402Remax Earbud TWS4310.94 
 0261REMAX EARPHONE  5122.89 
 0260REMAX EARPHONE  610D8.07 
 0409Remax Earphone 1051.74 
 0259REMAX EARPHONE 5104.33 
 0330Remax Earphone 6304.90 
 0377Remax Earphone E6001.89 
 0378Remax Earphone E7001.96 
 0416Remax Earphone RM2023.06 
 0329Remax Gition 3 in 1 Charging cable2.45 
 0407Remax Iphone Direct Earphone 655i7.78 
 0352Remax Mic LF312.60 
 0427Remax OTG Micro1.54 
 0428Remax OTG Type C1.54 
 0255Remax Powerbank 10k8.35 
 0443Remax Powerbank 10k with Cable11.62 
 0256Remax Powerbank 20k13.24 
 0496Remax Powerbank 20k with cable23.07 
 0257Remax Powerbank 30k18.99 
 0444Remax Powerbank 50k28.04 
 0375Remax RB725 Bluetooth Haedphone14.68 
 0345Remax RB750 Bluetooth Headphone13.24 
 0348Remax RC183C Type C To Type C Cable3.75 
 0347Remax RC214 Car Charger4.62 
 0406Remax Speaker M2331.93 
 0376Remax Speaker RBM4325.60 
 0491Remax Sports Bluetooth S18.58 
 0481Remax Sports Bluetooth S11016.86 
 0441Remax Sports Bluetooth S2911.06 
 0374Remax Sports S1008.93 
 0350Remax T179.79 
 0313Remax T36 Bluetoth 1 side8.07 
 0408Remax Type C Direct Earphone 655A7.49 
 0346Remax U22 USB Charger3.47 
 0432Remax Wireless Charger W143.34 
 0421RGB Light 10M15.76 
 0420RGB Light 5M8.86 
 0354Ring Light12.03 
 0269Univercel Charging Head1.96 
 0301 Flat Head Earphone1.27 
 0311SDRD Karaoke 30151.47 
 0282Short Cable Iphone1.05 
 0280Short Cable Micro1.05 
 0281Short Cable Type C1.05 
 0424Small Kids Watch2.23 
 0335Small Rechargeable Torch Light4.18 
 0268Socket Convereter0.73 
 0305Speaker B28S11.89 
 0293Speaker Boombass L813.27 
 0292Speaker E1312.72 
 0362Speaker Small Portable3.34 
 0307Spoeaker T1135.48 
 0338Torch Big 2SC13.00 
 0339Torch Big 3SC13.00 
 0340Torch Big 4SC13.00 
 0273Type C Cable (Laminated)2.30 
 0275Type C Cable 3.6A2.16 
 0274Type C Cable White2.30 
 0365Type C Charging cable with Light2.03 
 0309Type C Connector Convertor2.03 
 0322USB Light0.58 
 0351Vegetable Cutter7.49 
 0323Vivo Cable Type C1.82 
 0304Vivo Original Earphone2.78 
 0388WiFi Adaptor6.00 
 0308Wrist Watch Normal4.72 
  SANDISK SD 16GBCall for price  
  SANDISK SD 32GBCall for price  
  SANDISK SD 64GBCall for price  
  SANDISK ULTRA 16 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK ULTRA 32 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK ULTRA 64 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK-DUAL MICRO 128 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK-DUAL MICRO 16 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK-DUAL MICRO 32 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK-DUAL MICRO 64 GBCall for price  
  SANDISK-DUAL TYPE C 64 GBCall for price  
  VIVO Y02SCall for price  
  VIVO Y16Call for price  
  VIVO Y22SCall for price  
  VIVO Y76Call for price  
  OPPO A17Call for price  
  OPPO A76Call for price